Simple & Secure IT

Our goal is to simplify and secure IT for charities

About Marengo Systems Foundation
Marengo Systems Foundation is the nonprofit branch of Marengo Systems. We creatively use new technology to simplify and secure charity IT, often lowering cost as a by-product.
It started at the South Bay WASP - Web App Security Pen-Testers Meetup which Marengo Systems now sponsors. After studying a never-ending history of computer security incidents, we realized there are a few common preventable problems causing security & reliability issues. And many cash-strapped charities haven’t taken advantage of recent innovations that lessen these problems. Our goal is to rectify that.
Why We Exist
MISSION: Use recent advances in cloud services and inexpensive network & end-user devices to simplify and secure IT for charities.
VISION: Our vision is a world of charities where the business office looks more like a home office: laptops, peripherals, and networking devices. The cloud provides services the cash-strapped charity cannot match. The business office uses secure end-user devices like Chromebooks where possible, and inexpensive networking devices like those from Ubiquity to segment traffic. Along the way we also help the charity get organized with a disaster recovery plan. The end result is much simpler, secure, reliable & less expensive IT.


What we do for you

Audit IT, looking for opportunities to simplify and secure.
Assist fixing audit findings: usually need disaster recovery, cloud outsourcing, and security hardening.
Update disaster recovery plan, leading to updated documentation, processes and procedures.
Find world-class cloud services for you.
Harden you local networks and computing devices.
Security and operational training so you understand and can run your own IT operations.

It starts with a conversation

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